Cheap Ralph Lauren Shirts – Why Do We Covet Polo Shirts?

Cheap Ralph Lauren shirts are not hard too find these days. But why do we covet this brand of clothing and why have we for years filled Ralph’s wallet with our money? Visit any college campus and you will see many people of all races and origins wearing clothes with the familiar Polo insignia. It has become favored by frat boys who wear it like they have been inducted into a secret clothing society. The middle class of America has no problems donning clothes made half a country away.

Ralph Lauren clothing is favored by so many Americans and the image of Ralph’s models present America citizens as a clean cut, great looking society. I have no problems with cheap Ralph Lauren shirt, it does “chap” my lower half when I realize how much cash he rakes in everyday. We spend millions a year on his clothing line, but 99% of his goods are made overseas. Sometimes when I check the tag, I can’t even recognize the name of the country.

Just think if we could have more of this clothing line made in America, the jobs which would be created would help drive our economy. It’s a pipe dream, I mean when you pay someone 5 cents an hour to produce a shirt and at minimum you have to pay 6.75 for an American laborer. You can see why this clothing line will never be made back in the states.

Will I still buy cheap Ralph Lauren shirts? Sure, I enjoy the quality and style. Do I feel remorse as I see the American economy slowly unweave sending us into the biggest credit bubble in history? Yes, I would rather his clothing line be produced in the U.S. instead of countries like Pakistan.

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